Why YEMAYA SPIRITS …. or the little story how Yemaya came into my life ….

Yemaya showed up during a walk along the seaside. I was looking for a suitable place to return the ash of the last ritual back to the earth. While walking towards the beach a piece of wood, shaped like an “Y” appeared and it reminded me of a divining rod. It was not so important to me at this moment until another huge “Y” shaped branch caught my attention. I stopped and ask for permission to place my ash into the sand, right where the “tale” of the “Y” pointed on.  I dug a little hole, placed the ash inside and said a little prayer. Right when I finished a big wave took everything back to the ocean. Coming home I was still thinking of the “Y” … Yoruba, an African tribe, came to my mind. I remembered performing a lovely wedding ceremony for an amazing couple, that met in Africa. I offered them a special unity tradition from Yoruba – the taste of the four elements. I went to my computer to google YORUBA to get more information about them and … Yemaya popped up. Maybe it was my deep relationship to water that finally has let the Yoruba goddess of the ocean – Yemaya – come into my life.

It was her relationship to the ocean that triggered something in me.

I grew up in Leverkusen/Köln close to the river Rhine. After moving to Paros, a magical little island in Greece, my bond to the “water” element became stronger and stronger. Sourrounded by so much water, I felt a lack of the “earth” element. To feel more grounded I’ve spend more time hiking in the beautiful valleys, collecting herbs to use in my rituals, hugging trees and touching the earth. The spirit of Nature!

The spirit of Greek mythology and the celtic traditions with their special annual rituals, the Rau(h)nächte and the lunar cycles brought me to another chapter in my life. Through this I got in touch with the wisdom of our Mother Earth and my own heart.  Natur became my role model!