Your mind is the most powerful and personal tool you have where you can find solutions, inspiration, happiness and other amazing things. It is the tool to create your own life.

But often our thoughts can be noisy, distracted, scattered, unruly, self-defeating and that often leads to suffering, pain or a kind of restlessness or a feeling of being overwhelmed.

Meditation is like pressing the pause button. Not to escape but rather to benefit from gaining clarity & a sense of balance and to enter the space of consciousness.

Benefits of Meditation
Practicing meditation on a regular basis has numerous benefits – scientifically proofed by thousands of studies indicate over 70 benefits, like

  • Lessens stress, anxiety, worry fear, depression
  • Improves resilience against pain and adversity
  • Increases optimism, relaxation and awareness
  • Increased will power and memory, mental focus
  • Helps ignore distractions
  • Improves immune system and energy level
  • Lessens premenstrual and menopause syndroms
  • Enhanced sense of peace and happiness
  • and many more …

Learn how powerful it is to unplug your mind and body from the outer environment and to bring them in a state of rest and relaxation. A quiet mind is able to focus when required and to rest when is time to recharge energies. Learning to take a moment for ourselves each day can be the key of a balanced life

Out of my own experience doing meditation for almost 16 years I see how my life changed over the past years. Meditation for me is more than just sitting down and calming my mind it is an important tool to start my day with and to create my day and my life.

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