Symbolic ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies are the most romantic way to say “I love you”. It is the promise of the unique love between two people and a synonym for pure freedom.

The symbolic wedding in particular is similar to a regular wedding ceremony, including the exchange of vows and exchange of rings.  However a spiritual union is not a legally recognized marriage.

Why to have a symbolic ceremony?
The whole ceremony will be based on your preferences, cultural background and personal values. Your love story will be the “script” for your customized ceremony, no matter if you prefer a non-religious, a spiritual or even a celtic ritual.
Also for same-sex couples it is a beautiful way to commit to each other in a memorable ceremony.
Just follow your heart and let us know, what you feel comfortable with.

Imagine your special moment … maybe on a beach, where a fresh breeze is softly caressing your skin and the salty voice of the ocean is whispering your love song … or perhaps you would love to be more connected to nature, where you are surrounded by the sweet fragrance of wild flowers and herbs, feeling love and gratitude entering your heart that your are going to share with your beloved one  … blissful moments to remember.

What else is possible?
Rituals for the ceremony                 Same-Sex Marriage                     Marry me on Paros

And if you are already married you can celebrate your wedding anniversary in a more creative way as well … a romantic vow renewal ceremony could be a special symbol of your gratitude and a sweet reminder of your love.